3 Points To Keep In Mind While Turning Your House Into A Home

3 Points To Keep In Mind While Turning Your House Into A Home

When you think of a perfect place to cosy up and snuggle into your comfort, the first thing that comes to your mind is: Your Home. Well, there may be something special about it, sometimes it’s the special spot which is your go-to place to read your favourite book or maybe the spacious lively patio where you sit with your wandering thoughts sipping your cup of coffee.

All these describe a perfect home and how special it makes one feel with just the slight thought of it. And underneath all this lies a perfect interior design. Why does it particularly stand out and have a different essence to it?

A home is where your heart lies and your heart lies in the perfect comfort of your own space. A place where you feel like you belong and it just won’t compensate with anything else.

However, in spite of all this attachment and closeness you feel towards your home, you can always modify your living space in a more comfortable and artistic way possible. This will help you re-create the homey feeling and hence bring more optimism to your living space.

Let us help you in accomplishing the home you always dreamt of with some interior re-decoration tips :

Start With A Plan:
When you have a design in mind, make a structured plan out of it, so that you can use help from a professional later on to implement this. Draw a rough figure, as to what changes you need in your living space. Make a rough plan about what you want; to be modified and recreated. It always helps when you have a plan to go ahead with the major procedure.

Choose the right materials, the colour and decorative ideas before starting to work on it. Creating a plan will make it work out in a more synchronised manner.

Decorations Make Everything Beautiful:
After you’re done drawing out a rough plan to figure out what goes where we can move on to the decoration part. The entire beauty of your space will lie on how well your decoration goes. So be very apt when it comes to selecting the right texture and colour for your space. Refrain from using very bright and opaque colours which will hurt your eyes. Always select warm colours which adds a different touch of serenity to your space.

The pastel colours are the new trend, so you can maybe throw in very subtle hues of pastel in your living room along with a dab of vintage added to it. Adding pastel colours to your palette for your room creates a calm and cosy atmosphere.

Setting the Space:
Another step which is to follow by your plan would be setting up space. Make sure you empty the space and make it breathable, which is another key point to note in having a more welcoming home. It is important to get rid of all the extra, tacky and useless materials lying around in your space.

You can make the best out of your living space;  maybe by adding vintage materials to make it look more classy. However, overcrowding the space will make the room look more suffocated and packed, so it’s always advised to make it look spacious.

You can use more help and guide of an interior re-decoration company to make your living space a better and loving space to live in. Call us now to help you more.

Placing Your Trust In An Interior Designer

Placing Your Trust In An Interior Designer

Coming across well-furnished centres, houses and offices are the creative work of the talented interior designers who are known to change any raw structure into something very mesmerizing.

It is a painful and tiring procedure to decide what you want in your space after the construction is done. Though some have excellent ideas to transform an old and unsightly living space into something very pleasing, some lack the basic knowledge about how to decorate a space.

With the help of renovation companies and interior designers, you can transform your space into something more innovative and lively.

Let’s dive into some topics which can help you get connected with an interior designing company:

Discussing Your Plans and Ideas:
Are you tired of coming up with a proper plan and strategy to give your space a better look? If your answer is yes, you can always rely on an interior designer, who can bring out different ideas and creative outlooks for your space.

You will have a picture of what your space must look like etched in your minds. Discuss this idea with your designer who can help you in crafting this out and maybe bringing changes to it by making it better and more innovative. If you have doubts about how to carry forth with your incomplete space, a designer will give you a set of options and choices for you to decide.

If you want to hand over your requirements to a designer, they will summarise it and submit recommendations of your plan in the form of sketches or written proposals.

Planning Your Budget:
Even though the designers provide you with a well-designed space, some may often seem extremely pricey. Always have your budget sorted out, so you know which direction to move in. The more simple and natural, the lesser money whereas the more elegant and luxurious, the more pricey.

People often lose track of the money they spend while getting busy purchasing the materials for their space. In order to avoid this slip, make sure you have your budget planned out.


Use The Right Materials:
Always use the best materials for your space. When you use a material that is cheap, you will end up constantly changing it. And so, you can avoid it why spending a cost-effective amount for your materials for long lasting purposes. But at the same time, do not get betrayed by faux materials which don’t last long or are too fragile to hold together.


Make sure you do your researches before making the purchase, as it can always come in handy if you’re deciding to make any further changes. Also, you will be aware of what is being used in your own living/or any other space. Many people have become victims to failures and poor structuring, which in turn has caused a lot of money. So it’s always wise to spend a considerable amount now, without worrying about it for years.

Handing over your work to an interior designer will make your job easier as they will use the materials that will conform to building regulations and also make sure they ensure accessibility standards.

Implementing The Design:
After every planning and the selection comes the heavy part of bringing the design into picture. The interior designer will give you an estimated number of days or month as to when the work will be completed.

If you are looking for a renovation company in Dubai for your space and are in need of help from a professional, our excellent team at Smart Renovations will be glad to help you. Call us today to know more!


Common Fit-out Mistakes That Must Be Avoided For Great Results

Common Fit-out Mistakes That Must Be Avoided For Great Results

Every masterpiece building must have an interior that complements it in every way for it to remain awe-inspiring. While there are a lot of beautiful architectural marvels in and around Dubai, without the right interiors, they are never that great. Like the intricate structure of a building, the interior decors also matter.

While this is a known fact, a lot of interior design companies in the UAE fail to understand the very essence of a building and deliver subpar designs. In this article, we are discussing a few of those instances where interior fit-out companies in Dubai make grave design mistakes.

Layout Mistakes

Insufficient knowledge about a building will lead to bad planning. Often times, fit-out companies fail to study the building and go forth with interiors which is not at all a great fit. Badly done interiors can demotivate people and affect their overall experience within the building. Interior layouts must be optimized according to the building and its needs and must be user-friendly by all means.


Underutilized spaces


When we talk about underutilized space, we are not pointing out to all empty spaces for being blank. While blank spaces are a necessary part of any interior, a lot of it can also be effectively utilized for extra shelving or for hanging artworks. Similarly, a little bit of greenery is always a welcome element to cover up a blank space effectively. Utility spaces as well as creative elements fill in the obvious blank and make interiors optimized.


Improper Lighting


Each building has its own necessity. For instance, a shopping mall must be well lit in general, with spotlights on shops and products that require emphasis. Well-lit spaces are warm and welcoming, which in turn will increase the footfall in a building like a shopping mall.

On the other hand, a movie theatre must have very sparse lighting inside, which will allow the viewers to find their way out in between a show, but not too bright to kill the effects of a beautifully shot movie. Proper lighting is, therefore, an important aspect of interiors, which many interior design service providers fail at delivering.


Inadequate Safety Settings


During a construction or renovation project, the first thing that must be followed is the safety of the workers as well as the future customers who use the space. A fit-out company that is involved in a project must ensure that everyone in the team follows the safety regulations in place. Any disregard to this will put the people involved as well as the project at risk, delaying its completion.


Low Budget Contracts


The core of any interior design project is the budget. With the right budget, a reputed interior fit-out design company can easily offer more choices and layout plans which match the architecture of the building as well as it’s requirements.


Interior designs are important


Avoid all of these with the help of the right contractors. In time, taking on fit out projects can be both an enjoyable and learning experience. Make sure to consider the above factors stated and you will be on your way to creating some of the most impressive interior designs and architectural structures in the world.

Steps To Energize And Revamp Your Office For 2019

Steps To Energize And Revamp Your Office For 2019

Enterprises around the globe are constantly reinventing themselves to be the best version of themselves. While business strategies are a vital part of a growing company, if the end results have to be awe-inspiring, change must affect all parts of the organization.

Ever wondered how your work impacts your business? Believe it or not, but studies show that your office settings can make or break your business. Right from productivity and employee engagement, your office space is must have the much-needed upgrade at the right time to impress your clients.

With the help of a trusted fit-out company in Dubai, you can make it happen without the hassles. Here are some pointers to help you along the way-


Choice Of Workspace


Modern workplaces are all about choices. The interior designs must complement the company culture as well as it must provide a productive environment for the employees. When employees have the freedom of choosing from different workspaces within the organization’s premises, like co-working spaces for collaborative works and quiet alcoves for focused tasks, it will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of the employees.


Most companies have now had pantries and game rooms which provide some much-needed relaxation to the employees, increasing their interest in the workplace.


Giving Importance To Space


As office spaces come at a price, it is important to utilize the space effectively. Most offices have underutilized spaces that could be turned into a useful nook serving some purpose. Interior designers and office fit-out services can help you utilize your workspace to its full potential without making it look too cramped and obvious.  Whether these spaces are being transformed into private workspaces or creative space for stand up meetings, effective space utilization is the foundation of a modern day workplace.


Bring In The Natural Elements


According to the famous biologist E. O. Wilson, human beings have an innate affinity towards the natural world. This is why most of us feel happy or at peace when we are out in the woods or walking along the beach. The same concept is now being embraced by modern offices, by bringing in natural elements into the interior design. Fit-out companies in Dubai are known to create wonderful, eco-friendly environments within the office premises by bringing in a blend of natural light, better air circulation and a bit of greenery.


Make It A Celebration Of Hues & Shades


Although enterprise workplaces follow a set of brand colours as their basic interior theme, modern offices try to bring in a pop of colour and shades into the mix. Warm and bright colours are a great choice for creative spaces and softer tones like pastels work well for focused work areas. Breakrooms can have textures and shades that bring in a fun element to help the employees relax and unwind. Plain and professional rooms like a board room can be brightened up with artworks, which can spark inspirations during a tough discussion.


Interiors For Office Well Being


Employee well being is one of the hottest topics of today. With more and more employers realizing the importance of the staff’s physical and mental wellbeing, ergonomic furniture, sit-stand desks and open-air workspaces are now being encouraged, which why fit-out companies bring the latest global trends to the offices of Dubai. Modern offices are now focusing on a healthy staff and low absenteeism with the help of wellness workplaces.


3 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Renovation Company

3 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Renovation Company

Renovation usually come at some cost, so it is important that you do due diligence before hiring a renovation company. As a matter of fact, hiring the right company can be the difference between a flawlessly executed project delivered on time, and a shitty one that will waste your time and money.

So what are the questions to ask when choosing a home renovation company and how can you spot a reliable design firm from mediocre? These are the questions we will be answering in this post.

What Is Your Process Like?
This is the part that most people ignore but the truth is that you can tell if a renovation company is reliable bu examining their processes. A good home renovation company will have a laid down procedure that allows for careful planning, efficient execution, and timely completion of projects.

Understanding a designer’s processes will also help you to know his or her work style, communication skills, and how well it fits into your plans. Every home renovation company will have a pattern of work and of course previous ply completed projects. These things will tell you about the companies capabilities and design style.

Although a home renovation company can easily create a style that deviates from what they are known for, it will be easier working with a company that fully understand the angles that you are approaching the project. That is to say that hiring a company that understands what it takes to execute the kind of design that you are looking to accomplish.

At Smart renovation, we have a unique process that allows us to create designs tailored to each client’s taste. Starting with a comprehensive consultation phase that helps our designers to understand your preferences, to evaluating your financial capabilities to come up with a design suitable to your budget, yet satisfying.

What Are Your Terms?
It is important to read the contract so as to understand what the agreement covers, including payment terms, project completion duration, phases involved, and so on. If you find out that there is a clause that you don’t understand, be sure to ask for clarifications before signing the contract.

Some people make the mistake of choosing the company with the least expensive quotation and even sign contracts with reading them thoroughly. The end product of such a mistake is incremental payment and dissatisfaction at the end of the day.

Do You Work On Flexible Terms?
This is another area where the company’s culture and work pattern will prove to be important. It is important to have a plan and stick to it but this is not always the case. Things may come up along the line and you decide to make some tweak to the original design, budget, or project duration.

If you hire a home renovation company that does not accommodate changes, you will be frustrated by their rigidity. So make sure you get a company that is open to suggestions and will be willing to allow you to incorporate new ideas into the plan as the project progresses.

If you are looking to work with a home renovation company that has a disciplined yet flexible approach to project execution, we will be more than happy to work with you.

Tips For a Stress-free DIY Interior Redecoration

Tips For a Stress-free DIY Interior Redecoration

Looking to redecorate your home but don’t want to hire a professional designer? You will find this post helpful. Though it is important to state that hiring a professional designer will save you the stress involved in redecoration. And contrary to your thought, it may also save you some money. That said, here are some things to keep in mind when designing or redecorating your home:

Know the Scope of Work Involved
It is important to understand why you think your home needs a redesign or redecoration. With this in mind, create a rough plan, stating how you what you want the home to look like after the renovation, and how you want all the functional areas to be set up.

After this process, delve into the budget. Go for window shopping (survey) to understand the price of every item that you will be needing for the redecoration. This will help you to arrive at a realistic estimate. Also, make sure that you find out the cost of the labor that you will be using even though you are doing it yourself. Make sure that you are through with your estimate because hidden costs and unrealistic costs can leave you stranded in between the project.

The third phase of understanding the scope of the work is to evaluate the time it will take to complete the project. Have a realistic expectation and divide the whole project into manageable milestones. make sure that you include all the small parts into the plan so that you don’t have delays without being able to trace what’s dragging your project.

Prepare Your Home Before Starting
After the first phase, it is time to prepare your home for the process. First of all, make sure that all your furniture, electronics, and clothes are properly covered and moved to the basement or a room where they can be protected from dust, and stains.

Also, remove your valuables and store them in storage or take them to a friend’s home for safe keeping. Redecoration can also be a good time to declutter and remove some of your outdated or unused items.

Follow Safety Procedures Throughout the Project
A professional interior designer will understand how to keep the environment safe for everyone using the area or working on the project. If you are doing the redecoration by yourself, it is important to learn about safety procedures and practice them.

If possible move your family to another house for the duration of the debris, flying debris, clouds of dust, and tools and equipment can be dangerous around children and even adults.

For more information about interior design and home renovation, please feel free to contact us.

3 Simple Steps To A Clutter-free Kitchen

3 Simple Steps To A Clutter-free Kitchen

Is your kitchen cluttered? Are you looking for simple tips to declutter and make it more functional and visually appealing?

Here are some tips for you. Read on to learn some tips that will help you achieve that clutter-free kitchen that you desire:

Step #1: Know What You Have
For many of us, it is difficult to keep count of our kitchenwares because they are too many. The first to decluttering your kitchen will be to create an inventory, listing your items by categories. This will be a hectic task but you will be satisfied at the end.

Having an inventory of your kitchen items is very important in case you ever think of taking up a home content insurance. In addition, by taking inventory of your wares, you will also be able to know the items you actually need and the ones that are just occupying space. If you find out that you don’t that there are wares that you have not been using, then it may be a good idea to give them out or donate to charity.

Step #2: Sort Item into Categories
The second step is to organize your items by categories. Once you have categorized them on paper, it becomes easier to create space for each category. During the categorization, also think about functionality. Make sure that each category is kept in a space that makes them easily reachable when needed.

Apart from creating separate spaces for each category, it will help to get a cupboard for storing extra food stock. This will also help you to keep your cupboards free of extra ingredients without scattering the bigger cupboards that contain piles of other items. For the main cupboard(s), it will help to create different sections and use a label maker to differentiate them.

Step# 3: Go For Hanging Décor
Your kitchen is filled with a lot of wares, don’t make it more condensed by placing decors here and there. If you must have decors in your kitchen, go for hanging ones. Not only are hanging decors more visually appealing, but they also help to keep your kitchen tidy.

These simple tips can help usher in a breath of fresh air into your kitchen. If you need professional help, please feel free to contact us.

A Top Designer’s Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Bedroom

A Top Designer’s Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Bedroom

Whether you are renovating an old apartment or building a new house, selecting the colors that will suit the different rooms in your house is a decision that you will have to face.

You will think that this is a very easy process but you are wrong. With so many hues to choose from and a wide range of factors to take into consideration, the process of selecting paints colors for bedrooms can be quite daunting.

But not to worry too much, this post will help to simplify the process. So let’s dive right in


Consider Natural Lighting
Lighting is a very important factor when it comes to selecting bedroom paint colors. You might think that blue paint is just “blue paint.” But you will be surprised to see that the shade you get when exposed to natural light is quite different from what you observed on paper.

To choose a color that you will be happy with, consider the amount of natural light that your room gets. To be on the safer side, get a sample and paint a square on the wall. Then observe how the color changes in different light conditions throughout the day.


The Size of the Room
The color of your bedroom can create an illusion of more or less space. So you can either use it to make the room appear to be larger or otherwise, depending on your objective.

For a normal sized room, white or offwhite colors can create a sense of airiness. If you have a smaller than normal room and wish to make it visually expanded, dark colors can help to blend the edges. This will hide the dimensions of the room, make it invisible for the eye to spot the real size of the room.

On the other hand, if you have an overly large room and wish to draw the room in, choosing darker colors can help to make the room look a bit smaller and less airy or open.


The Color of Your Furnishings
If it’s a new home and you have plans to purchase brand new furniture items, then you can go ahead and choose the colors of your choice. Then you can buy furnishings that suit the color of your walls.

However, if you are renovating, chances are you already have furniture items that you have been using. In this is the case, then you should consider how the colors you are choosing will match the furnishings you have. But be careful to avoid over-matching the colors.

Still having troubles selecting the perfect colors for your bedroom? Contact Smart Renovation. We’re one of the UAE’s most reliable renovation and project management companies and our joy is to help our clients turn their houses in to dream homes.

Top 4 Considerations For Choosing A Design For Your Kitchen

Top 4 Considerations For Choosing A Design For Your Kitchen

Considering that the kitchen is the heart of every home, a lot of work goes into its design.

According to a study by market research institute GFK, people around the world spend an average of 6.7 hours per week cooking food. If you factor in other activities that are carried out in the kitchen like eating, picking items from the fridge, washing dishes, and even reading, the number rises sharply. The more to take kitchen design seriously.

In this post, we shall be looking at some of the most important factors to consider when making decisions about your kitchen design.


Your Budget
Of course, budgeting has a lot of impact on any project and the same goes for a kitchen design. Some people make the mistake of assuming that the kitchen is just a small part of the entire house and the design will not be too costly. This is actually incorrect because the cost of a new kitchen design can be overwhelming if you fail to have an established budget.

At this point, it is important to understand that budgeting is a tricky activity. A budget isn’t what you assume you will spend or what you plan to spend. A realistic budget can only be established following extensive market research. So begin by finding out the cost of the crucial aspects of the project such as flooring, countertops, and cabinets.


The Size of Your Appliances
As a rule, you should buy the appliances you need, especially the large ones, before concluding on the kitchen design. This will make the design process a lot easier. But if you can’t or don’t want to go with this rule, you should endeavor to get a professional to help you out. Else, you risk designing a perfect kitchen, only to start all over after you have gotten the appliances and find out that some of them are too large to fit into the space you created for them.


The Kitchen Flooring
The kitchen floor is by far the most used part of the whole setup. Whenever you are cooking, cleaning, or eating, you are standing on the floor. So, consider how often you will be using your kitchen. Other points to take note of are; how much time you have for cleaning and the durability of the material you will be choosing.

If you want a floor cover that will stand the test of time even under heavy usage, ceramic tiles will be the best choice for you. In addition, ceramic tiles come in a wide range of beautiful colors and are quite easy to clean. But they are not the most comfortable if you will be spending a lot of time standing in the kitchen.

On the other hand, wood floors are very comfortable on the feet because they are naturally warm. However, they require regular maintenance. Linoleum and vinyl flooring are also great because they come in a wide range of colors and inexpensive when compared to the first two. But they are also not as durable as ceramic tiles and wood floors.


The Layout and Your Kitchen Needs
This is perhaps the most important factor in kitchen design, after the budget. Once you have figured out your budget, appliance needs, and flooring, the next step is to consider what you actually want in a kitchen.

No doubt, the primary use of the kitchen is cooking but modern kitchens actually serve purposes other than cooking. So understand what you want to utilize the rest of the space for and create a design that is not only aesthetically appealing but practical as well.

The best-known way to build a practical kitchen design is adopting the triangle theory. That is, making sure that there is a natural pathway between the sink, cooktop, and refrigerator. To ensure maximum efficiency, make sure that there is at least 12 to 23 feet space between these three main appliances.

Hiring a professional home design team can eliminate the stress involved in kitchen design while saving you money and time in the process. Contact us today for the best, yet affordable kitchen design in the United Arab Emirates.

The Place Of Office Interior Design In Workplace Productivity

The Place Of Office Interior Design In Workplace Productivity

Office interior design is often overlooked by company directors and project managers when analyzing factors that contribute to employee productivity.

However, studies have shown that not only is office interior design a major productivity factor but also affects employee retention rate.

For instance, a syndicated research project carried out by Sapio Research found that employees consider office design when making a decision as to whether to stay with a firm or move.

In this article, we will be highlighting how office interior design affects employee performance.


Workspace Plan and Productivity
There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to planning workspaces. While there is an increasing demand for open-plan offices, closed cubicles aren’t entirely bad.

Generally, you should consider the culture of your company, the average age of employees, how you want your team to function, and the nature of services that your employees handle on a daily basis.

While open plan offices promote collaboration and a free flow of information, it can be detrimental to employees whose tasks require a high degree of concentration.

On the other hand, closed cubicles can isolate individuals leading to divisiveness and weakened communication and collaboration but it allows individuals to focus on their projects.

If you are not certain which will work best for your company, finding a balance between the two may be the best option. That is maintaining a semi-closed office plan with some areas dedicated for meeting and collaboration may work well for your firm.


Ergonomics and Productivity
Deciding on the most suitable office plan isn’t the only thing there is to office design, ergonomics is an important part too. Ergonomics in this sense means designing the workspace to improve the conditions under which day-to-day activities are carried out.

A good ergonomic office design should take into consideration the limitations and capabilities of the employees with a focus on minimizing fatigue, strain, and health risks.

A poorly designed workstation can lead to reduced efficiency, loss of employee time, increased medical claims, and even permanent disability. A good starting point would be ensuring that all the seats in your office have adjustable lumbar support that maintains the natural “S” curvature of the spine.


Environmental Factors and Productivity
Another important consideration in office design is the environmental factor, from selecting the lighting and ventilation conditions to the colors and everything in between. This factor may seem unimportant but they are very important, especially when you consider that productivity hinges on the mood and health of your employees.

Poor ventilation and inadequate lighting can lead to discomfort and health issues such as headaches, eye strain, tiredness, flu, or sweating.

Similarly, colors play an important role in setting the mood for your workplace. A study by the University of Texas found that overly white, beige or grey offices led to increased signs of sadness and depression in women. On the other hand, men were found to exhibit similar emotions when in an excessively orange or purple office.

The magic lies in finding a balance by incorporating different colors when designing your office.

However, selecting the suitable colors for walls, cabinets, floor, and other office furniture is an exhaustive task better left for professional designers.

Looking for the best interior design company to help inject life into your office? Our team at Smart Renovations can help you achieve that. We consist of talented Italian contractors specialized in all kinds of office and home interior design. Feel free to contact us today.