3 Simple Steps To A Clutter-free Kitchen

3 Simple Steps To A Clutter-free Kitchen

Is your kitchen cluttered? Are you looking for simple tips to declutter and make it more functional and visually appealing?

Here are some tips for you. Read on to learn some tips that will help you achieve that clutter-free kitchen that you desire:

Step #1: Know What You Have
For many of us, it is difficult to keep count of our kitchenwares because they are too many. The first to decluttering your kitchen will be to create an inventory, listing your items by categories. This will be a hectic task but you will be satisfied at the end.

Having an inventory of your kitchen items is very important in case you ever think of taking up a home content insurance. In addition, by taking inventory of your wares, you will also be able to know the items you actually need and the ones that are just occupying space. If you find out that you don’t that there are wares that you have not been using, then it may be a good idea to give them out or donate to charity.

Step #2: Sort Item into Categories
The second step is to organize your items by categories. Once you have categorized them on paper, it becomes easier to create space for each category. During the categorization, also think about functionality. Make sure that each category is kept in a space that makes them easily reachable when needed.

Apart from creating separate spaces for each category, it will help to get a cupboard for storing extra food stock. This will also help you to keep your cupboards free of extra ingredients without scattering the bigger cupboards that contain piles of other items. For the main cupboard(s), it will help to create different sections and use a label maker to differentiate them.

Step# 3: Go For Hanging Décor
Your kitchen is filled with a lot of wares, don’t make it more condensed by placing decors here and there. If you must have decors in your kitchen, go for hanging ones. Not only are hanging decors more visually appealing, but they also help to keep your kitchen tidy.

These simple tips can help usher in a breath of fresh air into your kitchen. If you need professional help, please feel free to contact us.

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