Common Fit-out Mistakes That Must Be Avoided For Great Results

Common Fit-out Mistakes That Must Be Avoided For Great Results

Every masterpiece building must have an interior that complements it in every way for it to remain awe-inspiring. While there are a lot of beautiful architectural marvels in and around Dubai, without the right interiors, they are never that great. Like the intricate structure of a building, the interior decors also matter.

While this is a known fact, a lot of interior design companies in the UAE fail to understand the very essence of a building and deliver subpar designs. In this article, we are discussing a few of those instances where interior fit-out companies in Dubai make grave design mistakes.

Layout Mistakes

Insufficient knowledge about a building will lead to bad planning. Often times, fit-out companies fail to study the building and go forth with interiors which is not at all a great fit. Badly done interiors can demotivate people and affect their overall experience within the building. Interior layouts must be optimized according to the building and its needs and must be user-friendly by all means.


Underutilized spaces


When we talk about underutilized space, we are not pointing out to all empty spaces for being blank. While blank spaces are a necessary part of any interior, a lot of it can also be effectively utilized for extra shelving or for hanging artworks. Similarly, a little bit of greenery is always a welcome element to cover up a blank space effectively. Utility spaces as well as creative elements fill in the obvious blank and make interiors optimized.


Improper Lighting


Each building has its own necessity. For instance, a shopping mall must be well lit in general, with spotlights on shops and products that require emphasis. Well-lit spaces are warm and welcoming, which in turn will increase the footfall in a building like a shopping mall.

On the other hand, a movie theatre must have very sparse lighting inside, which will allow the viewers to find their way out in between a show, but not too bright to kill the effects of a beautifully shot movie. Proper lighting is, therefore, an important aspect of interiors, which many interior design service providers fail at delivering.


Inadequate Safety Settings


During a construction or renovation project, the first thing that must be followed is the safety of the workers as well as the future customers who use the space. A fit-out company that is involved in a project must ensure that everyone in the team follows the safety regulations in place. Any disregard to this will put the people involved as well as the project at risk, delaying its completion.


Low Budget Contracts


The core of any interior design project is the budget. With the right budget, a reputed interior fit-out design company can easily offer more choices and layout plans which match the architecture of the building as well as it’s requirements.


Interior designs are important


Avoid all of these with the help of the right contractors. In time, taking on fit out projects can be both an enjoyable and learning experience. Make sure to consider the above factors stated and you will be on your way to creating some of the most impressive interior designs and architectural structures in the world.

Steps To Energize And Revamp Your Office For 2019

Steps To Energize And Revamp Your Office For 2019

Enterprises around the globe are constantly reinventing themselves to be the best version of themselves. While business strategies are a vital part of a growing company, if the end results have to be awe-inspiring, change must affect all parts of the organization.

Ever wondered how your work impacts your business? Believe it or not, but studies show that your office settings can make or break your business. Right from productivity and employee engagement, your office space is must have the much-needed upgrade at the right time to impress your clients.

With the help of a trusted fit-out company in Dubai, you can make it happen without the hassles. Here are some pointers to help you along the way-


Choice Of Workspace


Modern workplaces are all about choices. The interior designs must complement the company culture as well as it must provide a productive environment for the employees. When employees have the freedom of choosing from different workspaces within the organization’s premises, like co-working spaces for collaborative works and quiet alcoves for focused tasks, it will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of the employees.


Most companies have now had pantries and game rooms which provide some much-needed relaxation to the employees, increasing their interest in the workplace.


Giving Importance To Space


As office spaces come at a price, it is important to utilize the space effectively. Most offices have underutilized spaces that could be turned into a useful nook serving some purpose. Interior designers and office fit-out services can help you utilize your workspace to its full potential without making it look too cramped and obvious.  Whether these spaces are being transformed into private workspaces or creative space for stand up meetings, effective space utilization is the foundation of a modern day workplace.


Bring In The Natural Elements


According to the famous biologist E. O. Wilson, human beings have an innate affinity towards the natural world. This is why most of us feel happy or at peace when we are out in the woods or walking along the beach. The same concept is now being embraced by modern offices, by bringing in natural elements into the interior design. Fit-out companies in Dubai are known to create wonderful, eco-friendly environments within the office premises by bringing in a blend of natural light, better air circulation and a bit of greenery.


Make It A Celebration Of Hues & Shades


Although enterprise workplaces follow a set of brand colours as their basic interior theme, modern offices try to bring in a pop of colour and shades into the mix. Warm and bright colours are a great choice for creative spaces and softer tones like pastels work well for focused work areas. Breakrooms can have textures and shades that bring in a fun element to help the employees relax and unwind. Plain and professional rooms like a board room can be brightened up with artworks, which can spark inspirations during a tough discussion.


Interiors For Office Well Being


Employee well being is one of the hottest topics of today. With more and more employers realizing the importance of the staff’s physical and mental wellbeing, ergonomic furniture, sit-stand desks and open-air workspaces are now being encouraged, which why fit-out companies bring the latest global trends to the offices of Dubai. Modern offices are now focusing on a healthy staff and low absenteeism with the help of wellness workplaces.