A Top Designer’s Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Bedroom

A Top Designer’s Tips for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Bedroom

Whether you are renovating an old apartment or building a new house, selecting the colors that will suit the different rooms in your house is a decision that you will have to face.

You will think that this is a very easy process but you are wrong. With so many hues to choose from and a wide range of factors to take into consideration, the process of selecting paints colors for bedrooms can be quite daunting.

But not to worry too much, this post will help to simplify the process. So let’s dive right in


Consider Natural Lighting
Lighting is a very important factor when it comes to selecting bedroom paint colors. You might think that blue paint is just “blue paint.” But you will be surprised to see that the shade you get when exposed to natural light is quite different from what you observed on paper.

To choose a color that you will be happy with, consider the amount of natural light that your room gets. To be on the safer side, get a sample and paint a square on the wall. Then observe how the color changes in different light conditions throughout the day.


The Size of the Room
The color of your bedroom can create an illusion of more or less space. So you can either use it to make the room appear to be larger or otherwise, depending on your objective.

For a normal sized room, white or offwhite colors can create a sense of airiness. If you have a smaller than normal room and wish to make it visually expanded, dark colors can help to blend the edges. This will hide the dimensions of the room, make it invisible for the eye to spot the real size of the room.

On the other hand, if you have an overly large room and wish to draw the room in, choosing darker colors can help to make the room look a bit smaller and less airy or open.


The Color of Your Furnishings
If it’s a new home and you have plans to purchase brand new furniture items, then you can go ahead and choose the colors of your choice. Then you can buy furnishings that suit the color of your walls.

However, if you are renovating, chances are you already have furniture items that you have been using. In this is the case, then you should consider how the colors you are choosing will match the furnishings you have. But be careful to avoid over-matching the colors.

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Top 4 Considerations For Choosing A Design For Your Kitchen

Top 4 Considerations For Choosing A Design For Your Kitchen

Considering that the kitchen is the heart of every home, a lot of work goes into its design.

According to a study by market research institute GFK, people around the world spend an average of 6.7 hours per week cooking food. If you factor in other activities that are carried out in the kitchen like eating, picking items from the fridge, washing dishes, and even reading, the number rises sharply. The more to take kitchen design seriously.

In this post, we shall be looking at some of the most important factors to consider when making decisions about your kitchen design.


Your Budget
Of course, budgeting has a lot of impact on any project and the same goes for a kitchen design. Some people make the mistake of assuming that the kitchen is just a small part of the entire house and the design will not be too costly. This is actually incorrect because the cost of a new kitchen design can be overwhelming if you fail to have an established budget.

At this point, it is important to understand that budgeting is a tricky activity. A budget isn’t what you assume you will spend or what you plan to spend. A realistic budget can only be established following extensive market research. So begin by finding out the cost of the crucial aspects of the project such as flooring, countertops, and cabinets.


The Size of Your Appliances
As a rule, you should buy the appliances you need, especially the large ones, before concluding on the kitchen design. This will make the design process a lot easier. But if you can’t or don’t want to go with this rule, you should endeavor to get a professional to help you out. Else, you risk designing a perfect kitchen, only to start all over after you have gotten the appliances and find out that some of them are too large to fit into the space you created for them.


The Kitchen Flooring
The kitchen floor is by far the most used part of the whole setup. Whenever you are cooking, cleaning, or eating, you are standing on the floor. So, consider how often you will be using your kitchen. Other points to take note of are; how much time you have for cleaning and the durability of the material you will be choosing.

If you want a floor cover that will stand the test of time even under heavy usage, ceramic tiles will be the best choice for you. In addition, ceramic tiles come in a wide range of beautiful colors and are quite easy to clean. But they are not the most comfortable if you will be spending a lot of time standing in the kitchen.

On the other hand, wood floors are very comfortable on the feet because they are naturally warm. However, they require regular maintenance. Linoleum and vinyl flooring are also great because they come in a wide range of colors and inexpensive when compared to the first two. But they are also not as durable as ceramic tiles and wood floors.


The Layout and Your Kitchen Needs
This is perhaps the most important factor in kitchen design, after the budget. Once you have figured out your budget, appliance needs, and flooring, the next step is to consider what you actually want in a kitchen.

No doubt, the primary use of the kitchen is cooking but modern kitchens actually serve purposes other than cooking. So understand what you want to utilize the rest of the space for and create a design that is not only aesthetically appealing but practical as well.

The best-known way to build a practical kitchen design is adopting the triangle theory. That is, making sure that there is a natural pathway between the sink, cooktop, and refrigerator. To ensure maximum efficiency, make sure that there is at least 12 to 23 feet space between these three main appliances.

Hiring a professional home design team can eliminate the stress involved in kitchen design while saving you money and time in the process. Contact us today for the best, yet affordable kitchen design in the United Arab Emirates.

The Place Of Office Interior Design In Workplace Productivity

The Place Of Office Interior Design In Workplace Productivity

Office interior design is often overlooked by company directors and project managers when analyzing factors that contribute to employee productivity.

However, studies have shown that not only is office interior design a major productivity factor but also affects employee retention rate.

For instance, a syndicated research project carried out by Sapio Research found that employees consider office design when making a decision as to whether to stay with a firm or move.

In this article, we will be highlighting how office interior design affects employee performance.


Workspace Plan and Productivity
There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to planning workspaces. While there is an increasing demand for open-plan offices, closed cubicles aren’t entirely bad.

Generally, you should consider the culture of your company, the average age of employees, how you want your team to function, and the nature of services that your employees handle on a daily basis.

While open plan offices promote collaboration and a free flow of information, it can be detrimental to employees whose tasks require a high degree of concentration.

On the other hand, closed cubicles can isolate individuals leading to divisiveness and weakened communication and collaboration but it allows individuals to focus on their projects.

If you are not certain which will work best for your company, finding a balance between the two may be the best option. That is maintaining a semi-closed office plan with some areas dedicated for meeting and collaboration may work well for your firm.


Ergonomics and Productivity
Deciding on the most suitable office plan isn’t the only thing there is to office design, ergonomics is an important part too. Ergonomics in this sense means designing the workspace to improve the conditions under which day-to-day activities are carried out.

A good ergonomic office design should take into consideration the limitations and capabilities of the employees with a focus on minimizing fatigue, strain, and health risks.

A poorly designed workstation can lead to reduced efficiency, loss of employee time, increased medical claims, and even permanent disability. A good starting point would be ensuring that all the seats in your office have adjustable lumbar support that maintains the natural “S” curvature of the spine.


Environmental Factors and Productivity
Another important consideration in office design is the environmental factor, from selecting the lighting and ventilation conditions to the colors and everything in between. This factor may seem unimportant but they are very important, especially when you consider that productivity hinges on the mood and health of your employees.

Poor ventilation and inadequate lighting can lead to discomfort and health issues such as headaches, eye strain, tiredness, flu, or sweating.

Similarly, colors play an important role in setting the mood for your workplace. A study by the University of Texas found that overly white, beige or grey offices led to increased signs of sadness and depression in women. On the other hand, men were found to exhibit similar emotions when in an excessively orange or purple office.

The magic lies in finding a balance by incorporating different colors when designing your office.

However, selecting the suitable colors for walls, cabinets, floor, and other office furniture is an exhaustive task better left for professional designers.

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How To Save Money On Your Home Renovation Project

How To Save Money On Your Home Renovation Project

Home renovation can be a very costly venture and if care is not taking to minimize expenses, the cost can quickly grow out of proportion. In the past two years, we have handled some budget-friendly home renovation projects and in this post, we will be sharing the lessons we learned along the line.


Create and Stick To a Budget
First of all, it is important to note that budget doesn’t mean cheap or spending limit, instead it implies an estimate of how much you are willing to spend for every item that will be involved in the renovation.

If you are going the “do it yourself” route, it is important that you create a comprehensive list, outlining everything that you will need for the project. From flooring type to paint, cabinet hardware, lighting, and other materials. Also, include the cost of labor and other professional assistance that you may require.

After that, reach out to suppliers to get quotes before drawing up a budget. This will reveal areas that will take up a large chunk of the budget and will allow you to look for alternatives to beat down the cost, if necessary.

Finally, make sure you budget some money for unexpected expenses as that is bound to come up no matter how well you plan the project. Ideally, an additional 10 percent of the total budget should be set aside for such expenses but the decision is entirely yours to make.

Instead of going through the stress alone, hiring a professional renovation company can take the stress out of your home renovation while ensuring that the project is completed within the agreed budget.


Keep Some of the Old Stuffs
When renovating your home, you can go for a complete makeover or reuse some old items that are still in good shapes. By doing this, you will not only save money but contribute to protecting the environment. Furniture items like kitchen cabinets can be repainted or refaced to change the style and look.


Buy only Durable Materials
While your aim is to save as much money as you can by limiting your expenses, it is important that you go for high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. But bear in mind that the most expensive isn’t always the best.

The most important thing is to find a balance between expensive items, and cheap but durable materials. This will also depend on your taste and style. You can also save money on big-ticket, durable materials when you buy during sales such as Black Friday, end of the year sales, and holiday or seasonal sales. The idea is to have a plan ahead of time and pick these items prior to commencing the renovation.

Employing the services of a professional home renovation company will also save you a lot of money. This is because renovators often have a professional relationship and agreement with material vendors and suppliers. Thus, they can get high-ticket items at relatively cheaper prices.


Sell Anything You’re Not Using
After the renovation, you are bound to have a truckload of items ready for disposal. You could opt to sell some of them that still have scrap value. You may not fancy some of your items like old kitchen cabinets, doors, appliances, and items of furniture anymore, but there are people out there looking for exactly the same thing.

Platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Dubizzle, Craigslist, to name a few are there to connect you to buyers seeking for second-hand items. But if you think it will be a stressful process, you can donate the good ones to charity organizations.


Hire Professionals
While you can embark on the home renovation with little or no help if you have the skills, hiring the right professionals will help you save money and finish your project on time. If you are a handy person, involving an interior designer right from the very beginning will help both of you come up with a perfect design for your home.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional home renovation company or contractor that handles both interior design and exterior renovation. When shopping for contractors, make sure that you do your research to get a reliable one. A professional home renovation company should have interior designers that work together with the contractors to ensure that aesthetics is not sacrificed during the renovation process.