Unique Kitchen Designs For Your Home in Dubai

Unique Kitchen Designs For Your Home in Dubai

Kitchens are the heart of your home. It is where you cook your favourite meals, eat them and spend time with your family. Whether you are moving into a new house or looking forward to redesigning your place, our fit-out kitchen designs for Dubai homes can be easily meet your needs and expectations.


Our interior designers have come up with some simple and truly delightful fit out ideas to redesign your kitchen, most of which are quite perfect for both big and small kitchens with minor re-scaling. So, take a peek at our list of kitchen design for Dubai homes –


The practical kitchen

If you have a love for cooking, you will probably want a kitchen that is functional and practical. But then again, your kitchen should stay classy despite being a demanding one. Space and comfort is the key without compromising on the style. A kitchen with white or off-white tones with an island and high stools scream out functional yet chic. You can try the same with other neutral colours in a palette, like greys and ivory. Throw in some decor elements like hanging lights and window blinds for that perfect look.

The effortless kitchen

If you’re a lover of minimalism, then your kitchen should reflect the personality too. We understand that you prefer a smaller handy space where you can easily navigate. Your needs are quite basic and your fit out needs are so too. However, your effortless kitchen can have a pop of colour of your choice, say turquoise or even a dual tone of white and orange! To make your small cosy kitchen look bigger, paint the walls and ceiling white or ivory. This will make your kitchen seem taller.


The Royal Kitchen

If you are a person who really likes to give it all to your home, give your kitchen a royal look with a contemporary style fit out. For the best modern and elegant look white shelving, kitchen walls and cupboards are the best. Remember that when you are in doubt, white is your go-to colour! A chrome palette theme is also a nice choice, giving a darker, shinier tone to your interior. Glass top island and cushioned chairs also give make your kitchen look and feel much more expensive and elegant.


The smart kitchen

For your small kitchen, give a modern twist with black and white furnishing and glass panels. Your kitchen will stay super functional in dual tone, by including larger storage space and a bigger stove with the help of our fit-out experts. Wall-mount cabinets make your kitchen handy and easy to access. Throw in sensible accessories like a digital clock and inbuilt freezer to keep your kitchen simple, smart and functional.


The old school Kitchen

Kitchen designs for Dubai homes are mostly inspired by local art and architecture. If you are a traditionalist at heart, you will love fit-outs in wood and faux wood, and a white brick textured chimney above the stove and a few kitchen plants near the winter, to keep the charm of having a kitchen garden.


For more kitchen designs for your Dubai home, contact our fit-out experts today. Let your kitchen be a visual treat while you prepare to treat your taste buds!


Grow Your Business With the Help of An Office Fit-out Company

Grow Your Business With the Help of An Office Fit-out Company

Who doesn’t love having a superb workstation at their office? Many companies are now realising the importance of having great interiors for their office. And unlike before, companies are investing more in improving their employee workstations just as much as they work on their boardrooms and office cabins.

And the reasons? -The first reason is that these office interiors have a direct effect on client impression as well as on employee morale. And the second one is the availability of affordable fit out companies in Dubai.

So what are the big advantage of having an office fit out in Dubai? Let’s take a look –


Employee productivity

Yes, it’s true! In a recent study of corporate employees, 25 per cent of the employees who took part in the survey is of the opinion that the office interiors are hindering their productivity. And above 50 per cent of the participants agreed that an office designed to fit their needs better would improve their productivity.

When you think of it, a well planned and organized office can indeed boost the morale and productivity of your employees. Who, for instance, would prefer working in a dingy office with dull walls and no proper space for keeping all their files and papers.

Office interiors other than workstations also need fit-outs, like the pantry for example, as common areas for rest and recreation can improve job satisfaction and thereby improve productivity.


Space utilization

Old office spaces with stuffed file cabinets and broken chairs are a big no-no for today’s workspace ideas. Modern office interior designers optimise and utilise space by an effective understanding of spaces.

Your office must not be cramped – instead, it must have a creative storage system which can free up more space for you and your employees without feeling crowded.


Functionality with style

Office fit out companies in Dubai have expert designers on board who can help redo your office and ensure highly functional setups for running your day to day business. For instance, an average board room these days needs much more than a round table and enough chairs. These tables must have power ports, LAN connection ports and VoIP connections.

The room must have video conferencing setups and must be sound echo proofed. As boardrooms are an integral part of a business, where you have to conduct your meetings as well as meet your clients, it must be a highly functional space readily available at all times.


A reflection of your company’s culture

Every business has its own culture and ethics. The simplest way to portray this to your clients, vendors and employees is by getting the right interiors from a reliable fit out companies in Dubai. Regardless of your industry, your office must showcase a stress-free, flexible yet cultured environment. Positivity is the key feature you must look for with your interior designs.

Get the best fit-outs to redesign your office today and pave way for a productive and appealing work environment.


Why is Interior Design Important for Companies in Dubai?

Why is Interior Design Important for Companies in Dubai?

Today, office spaces have entered an advanced age where the general structure assumes a vital job. Gone were the days when chiefs had high glass desk areas far off from the whole staff and old-fashioned designs.


Today, workplaces are adopting a creative strategy with standing desks and common social event spaces with tech-based applications and top of the line administrations. This is principally done to draw in potential customers for the company, make a positive vibe, and for the most part inspire and persuade people to work hard.


Research shows that 88% of employees who are happy with the work environment are significantly more likely to be happy with their work and have high engagement with their colleagues. It is believed that when the designs are finished with outright precision, it can build creativity and productivity in the employees.


This does not simply restrict to your present employees; a great office space can be instrumental in pulling in new talent to the company. If you are intending to revamp the interior design of your office, there is a high plausibility to improve customer engagement and employee satisfaction.


Business design is something beyond a physical layout. You need to look closely to view the arrangement of furniture, work areas, and mutual space room by room as this could influence your business.


Likewise, you must guarantee that a company needs to look great with every one of the functionalities as well as should be practical and productive. This procedure can appear somewhat troublesome and tedious in the essential stages, yet as you approach the right fit-out company, you simply need to voice out your requirements and leave the rest to the specialists.


Read through the below steps to give you an idea of a well-planned design and the implementation process:


Recognise what fits in and what needs to be in the workplace.

Before you connect with an interior design company in the UAE, you have to assess the overall office space. This is fundamental as you will get an idea of what sort of a theme you are searching for. If you are stuck and are not ready to settle on what you need, our professional analysts will guide you to settle on the correct decision. You can get a couple of inputs from our design team which may help in recognising your needs.


Understand how your corporation and employees work.

One of the important steps in making the perfect interior design is through office programming. It is essential to understand your worker’s needs and wants. Likewise, you have to acknowledge which segment of your office has been frequently used and underused, so the interior designer can come up with a productive arrangement.


Conceptualise design ideas and the furniture options for your workspace.

Now that you know what you need, you can sit down with our designers while they come up with several design ideas and furniture options.


Now that you recognise what you require, you can take a seat with our fit-out team while they think of a few design and furniture choices.


We at Smart Renovations will closely look into your needs and aim to deliver the best fit-out in terms of both quality service and excellent implementation.


5 Amazing Ways How a Fit-Out Can Transform Your Home!

5 Amazing Ways How a Fit-Out Can Transform Your Home!

Our environment assumes an important role, particularly in our workspace. The comfort level of a place is frequently dictated by its aesthetics. In our workplaces, employees appear to be progressively efficient and productive when the place is well-kept. Then again, when your house is structured wonderfully, you would want to welcome your friends and show them around.


Correspondingly, many individuals have this false thought that a fit-out company in the UAE isn’t essential as they know their homes better. In any case, it is actually the opposite. People need fit-out or interior design companies that can offer extraordinary thoughts and methodologies that will totally transform your home. This blog is going to quickly articulate a couple of pointers on the significance of a fit-out company in the UAE.


A fit-out company can pull everything together.

At times, you might want to revamp one room or only a region, however, it could be challenging due to an odd layout or awful lighting. The fit-out company will have the capacity to balance the architecture and recommend the best interior design that will go under your financial plan. We at Smart Renovation have the skill to transform any space into a stunning spot and will draw out the best, in accordance with your requirements.


A fit-out company is updated with the latest trends.

Regardless of whether you are intending to live in your home for quite a while or you require the place to look stylish to sell it, strategic plan and usage are vital keys focuses. In addition, your strategies need to be in accordance with the latest trends. In the present, contemporary look is popular, and the combination of light hues will make it prominent. Individuals are deciding on dark and tan driftwoods, alongside lighter coloured palettes. A fit-out company will be able to understand the significance of being minimalistic while still making a bold statement.


A fit-out company will help pick you the right items, whether near or far.

Professional fit-out companies have the best experience and involvement in choosing and sourcing the correct items from the correct merchants. Indeed, if you intend to go for an interior design company, you may wind up spending more cash on an indistinguishable item from you probably won’t know which merchant will give quality and reasonable items. Thus, a fit-out company will help in cost-cutting.


A fit-out company can increase your resale value.

For people from the realty business, interior design can assume a significant job as our designers are prepared and prepared to expand your resale value. You may think contracting an inside fashioner will be a misuse of assets, be that as it may, it is a different way. We can help in boosting your business as we give and a la mode, luxurious, and contemporary edge to your properties.


A fit-out company can turn your dreams into reality.

When you plan to revamp your house or any property, initially, you might have a concept or a vague idea. Our team aims to exceed your expectations in transforming your dream home or property into a reality!


If you are searching for an interior design organisation in Dubai, Smart Renovation leans to convey the best outcomes and we will deal with each need.