Get Ready to Redo Your Bathroom Interiors

Get Ready to Redo Your Bathroom Interiors

Bathrooms are an integral part of a home. Small or large, everyone likes a clean bathroom with all the necessary amenities. It is the one place in your home where you unwind and relax or contemplate your life while under the shower. Even if we don’t realize it, bathrooms are one of the best luxuries we have in our lives.

So, does it make sense to invest in a bathroom? A small bathroom doesn’t have to feel small anymore. A good fit out can give it the much-needed upgrade. For the best results, you can give a complete makeover with fit outs in Dubai.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right fit-outs for your bathroom

Keep everything off the floor

Bathrooms often look and feel cramped because a lot of things are left on the floor. This includes bathroom brushes or cleaning solutions that you need to store there as well as built-in bathtubs and floor mount toilets. Consider getting fit-outs that leave space on the floor giving visible space in your bathroom.

A freestanding bathtub is a good thing to have as it doesn’t take up a lot of space inside the bathroom. Similarly, opt for a wall mounted toilets which are kept off the floor. Also, fit in a wall mount vanity with open cabinets to hold your toiletries and brushes.

Light up the place

Bathrooms need to be well lit up as it is the place where we get ready. Overhead lighting is just not enough for this purpose. Consider getting ambient lighting for best results. As your fit out company for mirror side lights for your vanity.

It is also recommended to have a window in your bathroom for natural light. Place the window much higher than normal to protect your privacy, while still giving you enough sunlight inside.

The paler the better

Using light colors will make your bathroom look larger. Use light colored paint and tiles for your walls and floor. Palers shades of bathroom interiors will give the feeling of being in a larger place.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors make a room look larger. Having a wall mounted mirror that covers one side of your bathroom wall and reaching down to the vanity will make it look bigger and brighter. As for a mirror fit-out that helps you achieve the desired effect.

Transparent Shower Area

Shower areas normally take up a lot of space. By Installing a clear glass shower enclosure for your shower area, you can create a feeling of larger bathroom space.

Little things that matter

Making your bathrooms look large doesn’t mean that they look good as well. You can add small details to these fit-outs which makes your bathroom stand out. Add antique looking soap dishes and liquid soap dispensers, ornate frame for your wall mirror and potpourri in glass bowls for maintaining freshness inside the bathroom.

Make your bathrooms look bigger and extra special with custom fit-outs. Contact us today!

Give Your Office the Affordable Fit Out Upgrade it Deserves

Give Your Office the Affordable Fit Out Upgrade it Deserves

Did you know that an office employee in Dubai spends an average of 40 hours a week at their office? Most of them are confined to their seat, staring at a computer screen or the same old office wall for all these hours, which creates a sedentary behavior and lack of productivity. Your office is badly in need of a renovation if you find your environment stagnant and lacking a ‘dynamism’.

There are affordable fit out companies in UAE who can help redesign and create a better workplace for your office. The term fit out effectively defines the process of making interior spaces appropriate for your work life. Instead of the boring desks and chairs and the clean white walls, these companies can bring a breath of creativity into your office with new furniture, equipment, and interior designs.

When you consider getting an office fit out, there are a few things you must consider. The ultimate aim of renovating the space is to meet your business needs in form and in function without compromising the employees’ needs and productivity.

Although you might have ideas of your own for the office interiors, the designing is best done with the help of a professional from a fit out company. They are more than capable of incorporating all your demands and making maximum utilization of the available space. For a fit out project to be successful, planning ahead is essential.

How can a fit-out benefit your office? Let’s find out –

Inspire creativity and improve productivity

Your office environment plays a big role in your work life whether you are aware of it or not. Various studies show that the physical environment has a direct impact on an individual’s creativity, productivity and performance levels. In other words, if your office is a plain looking and with a number of flaws, it’s high time you get that renovation done with the help of a fit-out company.

Fix the amenities and save on energy

Many offices in Dubai run in closed spaces with little to no room for sunlight to filter in. People working in such locations are prone to issues due to vitamin D deficiencies. Another important feature that needs consideration is the ventilation and air circulation, as this affects employee productivity. Further, an office that is devoid on natural light and heat will spend a lot on lighting and air conditioning. The right fit out company can help you redesign and rework on these setbacks and save on energy conception and improve employee health. You can capitalize on these benefits by reducing energy costs and being sustainable.

Utilizing the space

Office fit outs also help in utilizing the best out of your workspace. The interior design of your office ensures that you are making the best out of your resources while highlighting the uniqueness of your firm. You can also save on real estate cost as these fit out companies utilize every nook and corner of the available space.  

Have a competitive edge

A good office fit-out company will help give your office a much-needed redesign which makes your office an exciting place to be. Your business will have a competitive edge of being a happening place, wowing your employees and clients. Changes like having indoor plants or artworks will help bring some much-needed color to your office.

Looking for a fit out company in UAE who can give you all that? Contact us today.

4 Reasons To Hire An Interior Design Company in Dubai

4 Reasons To Hire An Interior Design Company in Dubai

Everybody has the right to live in a beautiful, cozy, and homely space. You should live in a place that gives you the most extreme delight and joy. It is similarly essential that your place mirrors your identity, distinctive style, and should work on such that you have dependably carried on with your life. This may sound relatively unimaginable, this is because you may have not come across the perfect interior design company in the UAE. Experts and experienced interior designers are known for their exploring, arranging, and execution abilities.

While numerous individuals get intimidated by hiring a luxurious interior design company, others some people consider this as unnecessary. This is the reason this article is going to quickly describe the 4 vital purposes behind hiring an expert interior design company in the UAE:

  1. You can save money.

Have you at any point purchased a furnishings that looked extremely beautiful, however, when you brought it home, it took a large portion of the space of your room? Have you at any point needed to paint 3-4 hues times to get the ideal wall shading?

You may imagine that by hiring an interior design company, you’ll have to pay an extra charge for their service. However, the truth is, hiring a fit out company will involve a team of professionals who can provide the perfect items may help you spare the extra cost which you may spend by yourself.

  1. You can save time.

Much the same as hiring an interior designer can be cost-effective, they can likewise help in sparing time. This is predominantly in light of the fact that they are specialists in the field and can distinguish the most ideal approach to execute the renovations you imagine. Then again, if you opt to refurbish without anyone else, you may need to take out time from your regular schedule. This can get unpleasant as you should juggle between your other tasks.

  1. You will get a professional assessment.

When you contact with a professional fit out company, you can get a quick arrangement of the renovation. The fit out company has a team of qualified experts who have received proficient training. Subsequently, they will absolutely have the capacity to spot things which even you would have missed. Additionally, the fit out company has the most affordable fit out full project coordination, perfect for those who want things to get done quickly.

  1. You can have a qualified liaison.

A professional fit out company will be able to speak the language when it comes to architecture, colours, decoration, building owners, and contractors. This is very important, especially when you are dealing with money and time. An interior design company will have the right resources and contacts when they need to get their tasks done.

With a creative, professional, supportive, and a friendly interior design team, there is nothing you can’t achieve. Contact Smart Renovation if you are looking for quality service and quick results for your home or office renovation in Dubai!

5 Things to Remember Before Your Kitchen Renovation

5 Things to Remember Before Your Kitchen Renovation

Deciding what’s for dinner is already a tough choice to make, what so when you decide it’s time for a kitchen renovation? When you realise that your kitchen needs a new look, the first thing that might come in mind is about the materials needed for the renovation. No worries as we’ve got you covered with these five things to help you get the best kitchen renovation yet.

1. Keep your cost in a state of harmony with your home.
To keep away from over enhancing, plan your kitchen renovation spending plan at 15% of your home’s estimation. For planning purposes, figure about 30% on cupboards; 14% on appliances; 10% on ledges; 5% on lighting; 4% on pipes apparatuses; 2% to 3% on paint; 1% to 2% on tiles, and 35% on development costs including windows, flooring, and labour fees.

2. It pays to pay for your design.
While the designers at home centres and kitchen stores won’t charge you an expense, they aren’t working for nothing. Their paychecks originate from the retailer or makers of the items they’re moving, which confines your decisions. Likewise, in-store designers, particularly those working at home centres, will, in general, be moderately unpracticed with real redesign work.

Since you’ll want your kitchen renovation to be good, skip the complimentary gifts and hire a professional fit out company in the UAE to avoid irreconcilable situations. Expect to pay 3 to 10 % of your undertaking costs for structure—a reasonable cost for a plan that truly works.

3. You can renovate the kitchen without breaking the budget.
Except if your home was worked inside the most recent couple of decades, your kitchen is very likely undersized. In case you’re completing a major redesign (as such, detaching things and beginning once again), right now is an ideal opportunity to grow the kitchen; here’s the way to do it reasonably:

Take space. By repurposing area from an adjoining passage or an unnecessary fireplace, storage room, or patio, you can extend your kitchen at maybe a large portion of the per-square-foot expenses of an expansion.

Open the floor plan. Regardless of whether you don’t extend the kitchen by any stretch of the imagination, you can make it feel a lot greater by bringing down a divider and making an open floor plan between the kitchen and adjacent dining, family, or front room.

Bump out. If you need to expand your kitchen, you can include a two-foot expansion along one entire side of the kitchen by draping it off the house like a narrow window instead of putting it on a foundation. That could spare you a few thousand bucks.

4. To cut costs, keep what works.
You can cut the price for any kitchen renovation by restricting the amount of the old kitchen you replace. Keeping unique windows can spare you no less than 2,000 AED per window; keeping the first wood floor covering up underneath layers of tile and vinyl could save you 7000 AED. What’s more, simply keeping the pipes installations and apparatuses in same areas likely means you can reuse existing pipes, sparing you at least 2,000-3,000 AED.

5. Stay minimal if you’re moving out anytime soon.
If you hope to put your home available to the market within 10 years, avoid a costly renovation and go for a restorative overhaul. You can have old cupboards painted or refaced with another wood facade and new entryways and cabinet fronts.

A kitchen renovation is a major endeavor and one that requires cautious arranging. In case you’re considering on remodelling your kitchen, the above ideas offer some interesting points before you proceed with your redesign plans.